The Birth of a New Community Garden in Coronado Neighborhood

Yesterday we broke ground for a new community garden. . This garden has been in its planning and approval stages for over 8 months so it was a quite a celebratory day! The Garden is located on the South Side of the Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram also home of Yoga Phoenix (a non-profit Kundalini Yoga Center) at the corner of 9th St and Oak in the Coronado Historic Neighborhood in Central Phoenix, AZ.  We got approval about 2 weeks ago and yesterday got to gleefully get our hands all dirty with mama earth.

The garden was conceived in the 108th Monkey Green Committee we formed at the Ashram last April. Julie “Ras Das’ Rasmussen is the Garden Coordinator and  because the Ashram has multiple groups and organizations who work within the building the Garden Proposal had to go through many committees before approval of the garden location were worked out. We really lucked out on the final location because it already has a watering system in place and because it has been watered lawn for so many years the ground was actually acceptable to plant in ground.  With a little help from amendments and extra soil we were able to put the bed into the ground which is sometimes difficult here in Phoenix.

On our debut work day, about 8 people showed up to literally dig in. We outlined the 4×8 garden bed, dug up all the existing grass, reclaimed as much soil as we could from the clumps of grass, added compost (thanks to Ken Singh), added local horse manure (thanks to Marcia), added more soil, and planted several little seedlings. Our new little garden was planted with corn, snow peas, arugula, zucchini, a nice little mescaline mix, and romaine. Success will soon take on a delicious turn as our garden grows! It is so gratifying to know that already we have contributed to eliminating useless lawn and soon we will created in its place more food!

Thanks to all who showed up and especially to Ram Das Kaur for her diligence in her work to coordinate this garden adventure!

******** On a side not there is another Community Garden in the Coronado Neighborhood this one sponsored by the Greater Coronado Neighborhood Association and it is located just East of 12th St on Virginia at the Probation Center. Today from 1pm-3pm there is an event to learn how to make a Lasagna Garden. See you there.


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Organic Food, Small Farms, and Farmer’s Markets to be outlawed by HR875

HR 875 also known as the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. This Bill is shockingly supported by 39 Democrats who obviously have not read it. This Bill in effect will criminalize Small Farmers, Home Gardens, Community Gardens, Farmer’s Markets, Backyard Chickens, CSAs any food production facility whether the food is being transferred to sell or not, and any food selling facility that is not adhering to overly stringent federal laws that only support HUGE corporate farms and distributors.

This Bill is being sponsored By Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro(CT) whose husband Stanley Greenberg works for Monsanto. This Bill is in a DREAM BILL for Monsanto and All other Genetic Engineering Giants!

Anyone not following the stringent rules outlined in the Bill can be fined up to $1,000,000.

See very informative articles on the bill @

Campaign for Liberty’s Article on HR875 and what you can do

Find out Who Your Representatives are: You’ll need your 9 digit zip code don’t have Get it from USPS

Read the Bill – However it’s lengthy Here is Blog that breaks it down.

There is ALOT of information about the evils of this BILL- I just spent the last few hours reading them.

The most important thing to do is to contact your representatives and tell them that you CARE!

For ease you can use this site which will send a letter to all of your Representatives

Contact the AZ Department of Agriculture and tell them your concerns

Arizona State Department of Agriculture
1688 West Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-4373   And Specifically contacting the director Donald Butler

I’ve also written about this on some posts with the Phoenix Permaculture Guild read there for more info on who the local AZ sponsors of this Bill Are- I encourage you no matter what please do something.

Now is the time and Your voice Counts! At the Recent AZ Environmental Day down at the State Capital recently I found out that if representatives even hear from 50 people- just 50! They know that a Bill is important- So much of government goes on without the public – if they hear from 100 people wow they know people are really concerned…So please do your part.

I thank you personally. I love veggies from my garden and the farmer’s market and I need your help to allow that right to  not be taken away.

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Community and School Gardens are Blooming in Phoenix Area!

cgna-comm-gardenGreetings Word of the day was BLOGGING (everybody scream!)… here I am. Did you know that during WWII Victory Gardens (Community Gardens) throughout the United State produced enough food to account for 40% of the US Food Supply! This is just some of the great facts and inspiring information that came from tonights Community and School Garden gathering…The other word of the day was Community Gardens and in Phoenix, Arizona they are blooming or at the least planting seeds. Tonight Doreen Pollack, with the support of the Phoenix Permaculture Guild, held the first monthly gathering of  Community Gardeners at the Downtown Market.

Approximately 25 people gathered to share information on past, current, or future community and school gardens in the Phoenix Metro Area. Introductions went around the room, about half of the attendees were working on School Community Gardens and the others on Community Gardens in general. Experience ranged from novices, to long time garden elders. And everyone seemed please with the amount of support and connectiond developed from the meeting. A Donation of $2 was asked of to cover the expenses of the electricity to the Downtown Market for allowance of using the building.

Some great resouces shared for starting a Community or School Garden:

* On the Phoenix Permaculture Guild’s Website Group dedicated to Community and School Gardens: approx 50 people posting various discussions and offering support – Great Resource – grants are often posted, gatherings, events, and Q&A

*The American Association of Community Gardens – a great informative website

Want to start a community Garden near you? Check out the links above – Have been eye-ing a vacant lot in your neighborhood – want to  know who it belongs to? Email me – I am a Realtor and like to put my skills to serve the community- I can look it up and tell you who owns it – and you can decide whether to contact them for permission or guerilla it- Who knows maybe the owners been wondering what to do with that land for years and would be thrilled with such a great suggestion…….

“What’s that you say…..A community garden on the vacant lot we’ve owned for 20 years……why that’s a great idea, I wish you would have called us years ago !”

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